T-Rex Dinosaur at the Louis Vuitton 5th Ave NYC store front by night

Where can you see Golden Dinosaurs in New York City? A Bollywood re-make of Spielberg's Jurassic Park ?..thankfully no. Louis Vuitton's 5th Avenue maison store front has an extravagant display of gilded Triceratops, T-rex and even a Velociraptor all fashionably  kitted out in the their Pre-Fall 2013 collection. A very Carrie Bradshaw - Sex and [...]

lavender from provence and blue cheese

Yes its touristy ,bit pricey and most  Londoners probably don't shop here.. BUT is it a great way to spend a rainy summer day ? If you are a camera wearing, food loving design tripper (like me) then the answer is a resounding Yes!...read on if you need more convincing or you just want to enjoy [...]

clay heads at maati

Its a horribly hot day in Delhi and abandoning better sense I make plans to meet my friend at Haus Khas Village. However after a 45min commute, bad cellphone reception, 50 deg temperatures and ten minutes of waiting alone, my brains were shot. Just before I was about to loose my "cool", sever all ties [...]